Episode 28: Chetna Mahajan

ZoomInfo CIO, Chetna Mahajan believes IT can be reimagined. Join Mark and Chetna as they discuss the importance of company transparency, time vs value, and how a name change helps with external and internal perception.
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Episode 27: Ryan Fay

Why should you challenge your assumptions? When should you build or buy edge? Join Mark and technology leader, Ryan Fay as they explore these topics, the possibilities of working from anywhere, cloud computing and more.
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Episode 26: Andi Mann

What should good leadership look like in ''a new normal'' workplace? WFH or WFA, Mark Thiele and Andi Mann discuss the importance of measuring what matters, old/new ways companies engage with employees, knowing your role, and how edge is the new office.
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Episode 25: Kevin Kent

Customers today want to see how modern businesses are committed to reaching carbon neutrality. Mark and Kevin discuss sustainability on data centers, how the need for green has evolved, and the future we hope to see in technology.
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Episode 24: Joe Weinman

Global keynote speaker, esteemed author and analyst @joeweinman is this week's special guest on the Edgevana Podcast! Join your host, @mthiele10 as they navigate through the topic of 5G, its relationship with edge, use cases and the need for digital transformation.
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Episode 23: Tony Grayson

Sustainability is more important than ever and too many solutions are better on paper than in practice. Mark is joined by Tony Grayson to discuss some of today's eco-problems, how the industry can leave a better, greener footprint, things to consider and sustainability at the edge.
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Episode 22: Joe Onisick

Get to know how Mark and Joe got into tech, how to differentiate yourself in the career field and why it's so important to recognize who you are on your unique job journey.
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Episode 21: Chris Psaltis

Chris Psaltis introduces Mist.io, an open source multi-cloud management platform vendor for public and private clouds. Mark talks about enterprise flexibility in an evolving cloud infrastructure.
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Episode 20: Ed Featherston

With over 10,000 different types of cryptocurrency in the market, Mark and Ed get together to discuss the impact of variety, smart contracts, the relationship between blockchain and bitcoin, and the value of digital assets.
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Episode 19: Lori MacVittie

Technologist and principal evangelist Lori MacVittie joins Mark to explore what good application design looks like at the edge, cloudnative patterns vs. edgenative, NFT, latency and more.
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Episode 18: Carrie Goetz

America is in a new era of home broadband usage. As we wait for the ``next big thing``, Carrie Goetz talks about the state of internet accessibility, sustainability, and the solutions that need to be seen.
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Episode 17: Andy Thurai

How can we achieve total observability at the edge? Tech Analyst and Influencer, Andy Thurai joins Mark to brings his take on real time data at the edge, cloud operations, and much more.
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Episode 16: Nabeel Mahmood

COVID-19's digital transformation brings us closer to a future where anyone can live and work from anywhere. Technologist and futurist, Nabeel talks with Mark about digital nomads and how the pandemic has shifted our work-life balance.
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Episode 15: Mike Kail

Mike and Mark join together to talk about today's trends on cryptocurrency investment, market acceleration, and the social etiquette behind Clubhouse and other social media apps.
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Episode 14: Rick Braddy

CTO, entrepreneur and inventor, Rick Braddy joins Mark to discuss the shift in data towards the edge, storage management, new opportunities and how to plan for the future.
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Episode 13: Lauren Cooney

Lauren Cooney joins Mark to reflect back on what it was like starting her business, becoming CEO, and how to stay successful in a global pandemic.
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Episode 12: Keith Townsend

Co-Founder of The CTO Advisor joins Mark to discuss the evolution of today's digital infrastructure and architecture.
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Episode 11: Brianna McCullough

What does it take to be ''successful?'' Special guest, Brianna McCullough and Mark Thiele talk career goals, the road to engineering, and the pursuit of education.
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Episode 10: Rick Collins

Data center expert and Global Head, Rick Collins joins Mark to talk about the changes in today's data center infrastructure, global footprint, and future.
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Episode 9: Alistair Croll

Entrepreneur, author and startup accelerator, Alistair Croll shares his insight on technology and the effects of culture in the epistemic society.
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Episode 8: Dion Hinchcliffe

Keynote speaker and author, Dion Hinchcliffe take us on a journey through all things digital transformation, automation, and edge.
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Episode 7: Matt Trifiro

Vapor IO's CMO, Matt Trifiro takes us through what it's like at the edge if today and in the future.
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Episode 6: Tony Wanger

Digital Infrastructure Entrepreneur and Investor, Tony Wanger talks about what it takes to be successful in the data center game.
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Episode 5: Tom Lounibos

The President of Accenture Ventures shares his amazing & inspirational journey through 40 years of being a veteran and legend of Silicon Valley.
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Tim Crawford

Episode 4: Tim Crawford

CIO advisor, Tim Crawford talks about the Pandemics influence on accelerating innovation in business and at the edge.
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Episode 3: Rob Hirschfeld

Industry guru, Rob Hirschfeld takes us through the future of data center automation and the importance of leveraging existing infrastructure.
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Episode 2: Ben Haines

Veteran CIO, Ben Haines takes us through a journey on how he went from being a Musician in Australia to an accountant and then becoming the CIO of Box, Yahoo, and Verizon Media.
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Episode 1: Peter Gross

A dialog on how data center strategy, requirements,
buying and selling have changed over the last 20 years.
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Upcoming Episodes

Jay Adelson

Former Co-Founder & CTO of Equinix

Rick Collins

Global Head of Data Center Services at AIG.

Amy Marks

Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism at Autodesk.

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    About the Host

    Mark Thiele is the CEO and Founder of Edgevana. Mark has over 30 years experience in IT executive roles at HP, Gilead, VMware, Brocade, Switch, Apcera, and Ericsson. Mark is an industry spokesperson on trends of modernization and efficiency for data centers. He is also an expert in virtualization, cloud technologies, IT adoption strategies and advises several technology startups.