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Frequently asked questions -
For Sellers

If you are a seller meaning you have data center capacity to sell, here are some helpful questions and answers.

1. What makes Edgevana different from other listing agents or companies?

We will be using our marketing and brand to drive new levels of visibility in the buyer and partner community. Edgevana will be working with sellers to ensure optimal visibility for their unique offerings, while at the same time working with buyers to reduce the time to value for closing a deal. We won’t be taking commissions as our goal is to increase sales across the portfolio of companies, not play favorites based on the best commission.

2. How exactly will Edgevana create better visibility for us with global customers, big and small?

The community of data centers creates a big part of the draw for new and more global customers. Today, most buyers are looking for multi-site or edge type solutions. However, no one wants to contract with a different operator in every city or region. Edgevana would help make hundreds of data center companies distributed globally appear more like one large company. In addition to the community effect, we will be doing global email campaigns, marketing at global events, speaking, writing and doing podcasts to get the word out. Again, the key is having the unified community under the Edgevana umbrella to attract the customers that would otherwise overlook you.

3. What is it about Edgevana that will make it easier for a customer to select, contract and manage multi-site requirements?

Edgevana will be working to unify contracts to the 80/20 rule. This will simplify the customer effort in contracting. We will also be helping each operator create contract amendments that cover specific services or SLA capabilities for the individual operator. So while we want to unify contracts, we won’t be doing it to the expense of losing the uniqueness associated with any individual operator. We will also be working to centralize billing. We don’t want to get between the customer and the operator any more than is essential. However, we do want the customer to experience their relationship with the community as if it’s one company.

4. What will Edgevana do to help me differentiate my brand in their platform?

Each member of the community will be given the opportunity to complete a profile that can be used to highlight the unique value your site(s) bring to the market. Edgevana wants a diverse community that can appeal through scale and diversity to the largest set of customer demands. We would then work to ensure the search capabilities of the Edgevana platform allow customers to make efficient and effective buying decisions.

5. How will Customer Relationship Management be handled?

Edgevana will work to ensure that customers can form or maintain relationships with their providers. We will only be working in the background to limit the impact for customers who might be trying to work with a large number of operators.

6. Why aren’t you using the more traditional commission model for revenue?

We believe the existing model for brokers and agents is only effective for a few brands. We also believe the price and delays associated with each deal help to make the data center market as a whole less appealing to the customer. We think that a subscription model that makes your marketing and outbound messaging or channel costs a simple once a month payment while eliminating the need to also pay a commission an appealing prospect.

7. The market is focused on cloud, edge and digital transformation these days, how will Edgevana help operators approach customers who are adapting to these trends?

Some of the hallmarks of cloud computing are agility (flexibility, adaptable speed), pure time-to-value and the ability to start small without buying hardware. What we’ll be delivering with Edgevana will help bring the data center community closer to the model people are expecting from cloud. As enterprises make decisions about how to build or deploy for new applications, we want them to have no reason not to consider the colo market.

8 How do I get access to Edgevana portal?

You’ll be given a sign up link to register your data center profile.

9. What customer support is provided by Edgevana?

You will have access to a live 5×12 messaging system where you’ll be able to get instant support.

10. How and when do I get access to potential buyers by Edgevana?

For individual data center requirements, buyers will send inquiries directly to operators. As soon as any requests are made, you will be notified instantly to start communicating. For multi-site requirements, Edgevana will be the main communicator and will handle the deal from inquiry to contract signing.

11. How does Edgevana handle the visibility of pricing between different operators?

Pricing is not public on the Edgevana platform until direct communication with either operator – for individual sites or Edgevana, for multi-sites.

12. How does Edgevana help to arrange for site visits for potential buyers?

Buyers can request, schedule, confirm tours directly with operators through the Edgevana platform.

13. How does Edgevana manage the expectations of buyer’s Service Level Agreement of my colocation service offering?

Edgevana will execute the legal documentation and SLA for each transaction by consolidating the generic Edgevana contract with any special amendment from the operator and/or buyer.

14. Does Edgevana present my pricing and contract to buyers as is or you are including it in your bundle offerings with other colo providers?

We will present your pricing as presented and we may bundle your data center with other operators.

15. What is Edgevana's global plan?

We are located outside the United States.

16. Does Edgevana plan to provide multi-lingual customer service support?

We plan to offer multi-lingual support in 2021-2022.

18. When will Edgevana be attempting to introduce customers to colo members?

You can expect to be considered a registered operator within 30 days of sign up and customer acquisition efforts will start.

19. How often do I have to update my capacity supply?

We recommend at least once a month but the more accurate your capacity, the more chances of a customer selecting your site. Our platform allows you to update your data center details at any time. Our platform also allows API integration for automatic capacity updates.

Frequently asked questions -
For Buyers

If you are a buyer meaning you have requirements for data center capacity, here are some helpful questions and answers.

1. Why should I use Edgevana?

First and foremost using Edgevana will shorten your time-to-value. Starting with your search and due diligence, through to contracting and finally billing, Edgevana will reduce the overhead involved, especially when there’s a multi-site requirement.

2. What are the benefits of using Edgevana?

Edgevana will shorten the time and reduce the effort involved in finding exactly the data center capabilities and locations you require. We aren’t driven by commissions, our only goal is to help the customer find the best possible fit for their business needs. Because we have a diversity of products across continents, we can help ensure you aren’t settling for less than the best set of options, whether that’s being green, low cost, high density, Tier IV or all of the above. Once you’ve made a selection through Edgevana, we remain with you to reduce contract negotiation lag, and provide you with centralized billing to reduce complexity and overhead costs. Rest assured, Edgevana isn’t going to just drop your lead with the operator with the highest commission, we stay with you before, during and after you’ve made a selection.

3. How does it work if I want to deploy into multiple locations at once?

Once you’ve gone through the central contracting process, deployment can happen to one site or every site you’ve contracted with, depending on whether each of the sites is ready to receive your equipment.

4. How do I schedule tours?

Scheduling a tour with one or more of our member data center providers is as easy as selecting their site in the Edgevana platform and sending them a message.

5. Is it more cost effective using Edgevana to procure sites?

We believe that using the Edgevana platform will save you time and as they say, time is money. Once you’ve made a selection there are additional opportunities to save through the wide selection of suppliers. Edgevana will also act as acquisition and procurement support where our buying power can help our customers.

6. Is Edgevana free for buyers?

7. How does Edgevana make money?

Edgevana earns revenue from a standard subscription charge paid by our member operators.

8. What kind of after procurement support does Edgevana provide?

Edgevana centralizes your billing and on-going contracting requirements between you and each of the member companies, reducing your overhead in maintaining existing supplier relationships and in the process of adding new suppliers or services.

9. What does Edgevana offer in the range of capabilities for multi-cloud environments?

Edgevana isn’t a cloud service and we don’t have cloud software. However, our vast network of suppliers, combined with the network services we have access to will benefit anyone looking to deploy or better manage a multi-cloud environment.

10. How does Edgevana manage the change and release management once my servers are installed?

Change management for deployments or other environment changes with a specific supplier can be managed directly with the supplier.

11. Does each site provide request fulfillment or self-service and does Edgevana coordinate multi-sites support?

Each supplier will still have their own ticketing system for the time being. That being said, if you have a complex multi-site effort planned, Edgevana would be happy to help facilitate in any way possible to reduce duplication of effort.

12. I like to run an RFP for multi-site capacity procurement, does Edgevana help to provide an easy to create response?

Edgevana will offer an RFP service to support customers making complex purchases and or who just don’t have the time or resources themselves.

13. What are the best practice Edgevana provide in selecting the co-lo providers or any colo can join?

Each of our suppliers is asked to complete a detailed profile that includes data on reliability, finances, unique services, tier level and more. Where customers have specific concerns or requirements that aren’t easily accommodated in the search options, Edgevana will be more than happy to provide additional assistance.

14. Does Edgevana have a benchmark to assess buyers' experience for the colos such as service disruption, SLA performance, costs?

We’re happy to work with customers of all experience levels. It’s our goal to make the procurement process a success for the customer and the supplier.

15. Does Edgevana have a GHG reduction goal and reporting from the colo so I can ensure my load supports our corporate carbon neutral reduction goal for site reporting.

Edgevana does have it’s own GHG goal. We will also be working with suppliers to create improved options for customers who have reduction goals of their own.

16. How much time does Edgevana need to do an auto scale up of expanded load once it is in place or is it a new search? I wish not to pay for reserved capacity but will like to have it when I need it?

Edgevana doesn’t set or determine requirements for customers with the suppliers. If a customer has unique scale or deployment risk avoidance requirements, Edgevana will be happy to help negotiate these with all the providers involved.

17. Does Edgevana help to connect me with possible colos throughout the confidential site search?

Yes. You can either make connections yourself through an anonymous communications tool in the Edgevana platform or you can ask for Edgevana to be the front for your communications with prospective suppliers.

18. Why should I use Edgevana vs my current method?

Edgevana was created to help bring data center and data center services procurement into the age of cloud. We are focused on delivering a fantastic customer experience while also providing the speed and agility that matches our customer’s needs for better time to value and lower management overhead as they grow. The current processes available can help you identify a specific location, but the backend is often the same as it has been for 20+ years, a lead is generated and brokers or agents then attempt to find you a solution. The problems associated with this age old method is that it doesn’t help you with multi-site, multi-vendor efforts and the broker/agent process tends to favor the broker and add time to the overall process of getting to contract.