How did I get here? An IT Love Story…

Here we are at a point where I believe that Edgevana can have an impact on shaping a new decade for our industry as it relates to helping Edge thrive, creating competition, improving industry sustainability. We plan to do the aforementioned by delivering on the promise of new Cloud and infrastructure options for the Enterprise and bringing new value to assets that are struggling. I can’t explain it, but I love this stuff. I love the people, I love the value and the potential. I love those big ugly buildings called Data Centers, the fiber that connects them, the infrastructure that sits in them and value created on top of all that.

But, how did I get here?

Those that know me best would say “you missed 5 years of primary school education, you didn’t finish college or even go to a “brand” university”. “You grew up in a South Pacific jungle and went into IT entirely by accident and now you’re planning on changing the technology landscape?” Yes, I’m hoping to do just that, with the help of some great people who share the vision.

What makes a market thrive

In the tech industry a market thrives when the combination of appropriate technologies, pricing and efficient access mean that enough people can test the waters as vendors and customers to create broad success. In other words, the barriers to entry were dropped. The interesting thing about our industry is that there are always thousands of opportunities just waiting for the right barriers to fall.

As most of you know, I’m a big believer in the future of edge computing or as I’ve called it, the “Edge Marketplace“. I believe the best way to enable this edge marketplace to thrive is to help lower the barriers to entry. I see some of the best ways to lower these barriers as being to better utilize infrastructure already in place and at the same time, enable new competition to thrive.

This adventure called Edgevana

Nope sorry, I can’t tell you everything, not quite yet, maybe in 4-5 months. What I can tell you is that we are building a marketplace for the infrastructure community that hasn’t been done before. Edgevana is a software based technology platform meant to create agility and speed the time to value. We will bring voices and visibility, to the mute and invisible. We will create access that heretofore has been assumed to only belong to the biggest of the big. We’ve been working on this set of ideas for over a year now and we finally believe we have the right business model and are gaining serious traction in our initial target audience of suppliers and customers.

Beyond the basic premise

We are going to make suppliers and buyers more successful. We will create avenues for accelerated time to value and revenue recognition, in addition to greater access to new revenue opportunities. We will raise a major portion of the industry that “seems” to be falling behind. We will also create an environment that lets the individual DC operator create differentiation and value for customers that they would struggle to create on their own. I believe that we can transform the industry while at the same time give back by accelerating access to alternative energy and sustainably and therefore gaining additional value from existing facilities.

Many will be welcome to join this journey

The interest in the adventure called Edgevana is already incredible, I’m humbled and gratified. Humbled that so many would trust in our vision, gratified that we have created a vision that has very wide appeal. We won’t be doing a full launch until fall of 2020. However, if you’d like to learn more and or see whether you’re a fit as a partner or investor, please feel free to reach out.

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