Simplify your procurement process.

How it works for buyers.

Simplify your data center procurement process with Edgevana.

Edgevana will shorten your time-to-value. Starting with your search and due diligence, through to contracting and finally billing, Edgevana will reduce the overhead involved, especially when there’s a multi-site requirement.
Once you’ve made a selection there are additional opportunities to save through the wide selection of suppliers. Edgevana will also act as acquisition and procurement support where our buying power can help our customers.

Edgevana’s service is
100% free for buyers.

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Data Centers

Edgevana currently has 3000+ data centers within its portfolio.

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Global Locations

Rapidly expanding to create a global edge.

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    Send Edgevana your requirement for one site, multi-sites or other.

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    Receive Proposals

    Edgevana will work with its federation members to send you a proposal that meets your exact specifications.

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    We'll arrange your tour for you!

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    Contract & Sign

    One site or multi-sites, Edgevana will provide you with one contract, one bill, and one point of contact.

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    Be part of the future

    To make you wonder why you ever did it any other way.

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Benefits for buyers

We aren’t driven by commissions, our only goal is to help the customer find the best possible fit for their business needs. Because we have a diversity of products across continents, we can help ensure you aren’t settling for less than the best set of options, whether that’s being green, low cost, high density, Tier IV or all of the above. Once you’ve made a selection through Edgevana, we remain with you to reduce contract negotiation lag, and provide you with centralized billing to reduce complexity and overhead costs. Rest assured, Edgevana isn’t going to just drop your lead with the operator with the highest commission, we stay with you before, during and after you’ve made a selection.

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