Mark Thiele Officially Declares as Edgevana CEO and Founder

April 20th, 2020, Mark Thiele has officially declared his new role as CEO of his own startup, Edgevana Inc. 

Mark has decided to take his experience from 30 plus years in the IT industry and attempt to disrupt the way global infrastructure products and services are selected, contracted, and procured. He has a long history of innovating within the companies he’s worked for, Edgevana will be his opportunity to innovate independently. Mark hopes to bring that innovation to the selling and buying experience for global infrastructure builders, buyers and operators. 

“Throughout my career I’ve been forced during IT projects to make the pragmatic choice too often. Generally speaking, the pragmatic choice is the less than best option or a compromise. I firmly believe that it’s time for best fit IT, and to me that means that the control should be in the hands of the buyer.” – Mark Thiele CEO & Founder Edgevana

Edgevana will be in stealth mode for the next several months as we get our platform designed and into development and we firm up our business model. We will also be actively recruiting forward thinking data center operators to join the Edgevana (Community) Federation. 

“As Co-Founder, I couldn’t be more on board with this vision to disrupt the global infrastructure buying and selling experience and replace it with something that better resembles what people expect, agility, choice, exceptional customer service and quick time-to-value”. – Subhan Jahromi, COO & Co-Founder Edgevana

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Edgevana was founded in October 2018 by Mark Thiele and Subhan Jahromi. Mark is a globally recognized voice in the data center, cloud, and edge space, with 30 plus years of experience in building and delivering IT and data center solutions. Subhan has over 10 years experience building channels and relationships across the entire IT vertical. 

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