'Our focus on providing access to a global distribution of existing data center capacity for our customers is a foundational motivation for building Edgevana and is perhaps, our most sustainable notion of all - The most efficient solution is the one used fully and effectively.

As a company our positive impact on sustainability will be measured by how effectively we can partner with our member companies to implement strategies that make the most efficient use of global resources.'

Mark Thiele
Founder & CEO, Edgevana

“The goal is to promote better human welfare as we evolve into the digital age, and it’s important that we look at nature-based technological solutions to protect our earth, resources and the environment.”

Susanna Kass - EVP, Sustainability and Community Development, Edgevana. A member of Climate 50.

Edgevana’s Guiding Principles of Sustainability serve as the structure for our current and future operations and drive how we conduct ourselves.