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With special guest: Ben Haines

Veteran CIO, Ben Haines takes us through a journey on how he went from being a Musician in Australia to an accountant and then becoming the CIO of Box, Yahoo, and Verizon Media.

How an Australian Musician became the CIO of Yahoo, Verizon Media and Box
Importance of trying different roles in your IT career
Success and Failure of a CIO; what you need to know
Do you need a college degree for a good future in IT?
Importance of self awareness from a veteran CIO
Importance of having a forward-thinking CIO and CEO
How to be a good leader
How Mark Thiele got into IT

About Ben Haines

Ben is was the former CIO of Box, Yahoo and Verizon Media. A transformational technology leader, Ben is focused on liberating companies from the legacy world of expensive and unproductive Enterprise Software and Technology. A former SVP of Yahoo, Ben led multiple teams responsible for all of Yahoo’s internal end user computing, systems and applications ensuring they are addressing critical business needs. Ben has held CIO roles at Box Inc. a start up with 100% cloud based IT, Pabst Brewing Co. where he transformed the traditional IT infrastructure and application environment into a service-orientated organization delivering business value. Ben also spent 9 years with Red Bull leading teams across Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas.