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With special guest: Tim Crawford

In Episode 4 of the Edgevana Podcast, Mark Thiele and veteran CIO advisor, Tim Crawford talk about the Pandemics influence on accelerating innovation in business and at the edge.

How The Pandemic Has Affected Business Transformation
How to Leverage Technology During a Pandemic
How Do We Build Credibility & Trust in Data: The Human Component
How 5G can be a game-changer
Why the IT Industry Needs a Change of Mindset
Navigating The Pandemic & Post Pandemic
Why IT Leaders Should Be Innovating During the Pandemic
The Human Right to Connectivity & Access to Education and Information
Tim Crawford

About Tim Crawford

Tim Crawford is ranked as one of the top most influential CIOs. Tim is a transformational CIO with broad experience that takes a provocative, but pragmatic approach to the intersection of business and technology. Tim has served as CIO and other senior IT leadership roles with global organizations such as Konica Minolta/ All Covered, Stanford University, Knight-Ridder, Philips Electronics and National Semiconductor. Tim is also host of the CIO In The Know podcast.