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With special guest:
Tom Lounibos

In Episode 5 of the Edgevana Podcast, Tom Lounibos, The President of Accenture Ventures shares his amazing & inspirational journey through 40 years of being a veteran and legend of Silicon Valley.

Tom Lounibos: Managing Director of Accenture
Accenture's Approach to Investing in Startups
Foundation of Accenture's Investment Thesis
The Value of Accenture's Intelligence
The Trenches and Journey of a Startup
Importance of Mental Health for Founders

About Tom Lounibos

Tom Lounibos is the President of Accenture Ventures. A six time Silicon Valley entrepreneur (2 IPO's + 4 Acquisitions), investor, board member, and advisor to corporations and technology startups in the US and Europe. He co-founded SOASTA in 2006 and served as CEO until Akamai acquired the company in 2017. When it was acquired, SOASTA had become the Leading Global Test Platform for web and mobile applications used by 350 of the Global 500 Digital Brands.