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With special guest:
Tony Wanger

Digital Infrastructure Entrepreneur and Investor, Tony Wanger talks about what it takes to be successful in the data center game in Episode 6 of the Edgevana Podcast.

Catch Up: What Tony Wanger Is Up To These Days
How did Tony Wanger get into the data center business?
The Data Center Market explained by Tony Wanger
Investments in the Data Center Industry
Tony on Edgevana and the future of Edge

About Tony Wanger

Anthony 'Tony' Wanger is an entrepreneur and investor based in Phoenix, AZ. Tony was the founder and President of IO Data Centers (acquired by Iron Mountain for $1.3 billion) as well as the founder and board member at DCSG and BASELAYER. Prior to his involvement with IO, Wanger co-founded and managed Sterling Network Services, LLC, a leading enterprise data center services provider. Earlier in his career, Wanger was a private equity investor and served as Senior Vice President at Sterling Partners where he directed a variety of investments and transactions for the firm. Wanger graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Emory University and a Juris Doctor degree from the Boston University School of Law.