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Data Center
Procurement Evolved

Not your traditional data center company

Cutting-edge solutions

Utilizing Edgevana will significantly reduce your time to value whether you’re buying or selling data center capacity.

Advanced procurement tools

Coming winter, Edgevana’s marketplace and procurement tools will transform how we do business.

No more broker’s fees

Edgevana charges 0% commission on deals.

Our goal

Connecting global supply with global customers.

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  • Our goal
  • Our vision

    Create value through exceptional customer experiences.

  • Our vision
  • Our strategy

    Connecting the world’s supply to customers through a federation of data centers.

  • Our strategy
    • Visibility for Colocation

      Increase your visibility, revenue and never pay broker fees again with Edgevana.
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      Procure Data Center
      Space Faster

      We offer customers an elevated and differentiated service selection & procurement experience.
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      Deploy Edge
      with Edgevana

      Edgevana will locate space globally, build, deploy and manage your hardware stack.
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